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Our favorite photo of Lefty

Our favorite photo of Lefty

Remember when your dog was a puppy, how excited and playful and energetic he was? Remember how great you felt when she was finally housebroken? Or when he learned a new command, stopped chewing your favorite sandals…and could walk on the leash without affectionately barreling into every dog and person in sight?

It’s exciting to see your puppy grow and learn and adapt to your lifestyle. All of a sudden, you’re communicating perfectly with her – and vice versa. As a friend said recently, mourning his own dog, “We were finishing each other’s sentences.”

But unlike our children, puppies mature quickly…and all of a sudden, they are senior citizens, with a whole new set of problems, like arthritis, heart trouble, vision and hearing loss, and even dementia. And often, it is up to the human to make the very difficult decision to put a pet down.

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