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My Upcoming Show “The Casual Portrait”

My Upcoming Show “The Casual Portrait”

Posted by on Aug 27, 2013 in Animal Reflections, Animal Rescue, Family Portraits, Portrait Inspiration | 0 comments

I’m very excited about my upcoming show, The Casual Portrait, at Temple Beth El in New Rochelle, NY from November 23rd to December 29th, 2013. It’s called The Casual Portrait because I’m including various styles of work – animals, people, and still life.

Setting up an art exhibition can be a creative, exciting adventure. However, it does have its challenges, and good planning is just as important as beautiful artwork to to be successful.

Meyer Lemons

Meyer Lemons

Deciding on a theme was one of the first steps. It’s not enough to simply have a lot of artwork to exhibit; in order to tie each piece together, I had to develop a theme. I wanted to draw people who are specifically interested in the concepts being exhibited. For this reason, I also titled my latest blog post with the three types of portraits I’ll be displaying at my show.



Mother Retriever and Puppy

Mother Retriever and Puppy

Choosing the location was also important. My exhibit will be at Temple Beth El because of the warm, inviting, family atmosphere. Given that my portraits appeal to that type of audience, I knew it would be a good fit for my art and attendees. The folks there are very friendly and supportive, and staying near my community is important.


It’s been very exciting to select the pieces that will appear  in my show. The opening reception will be on Sunday, from 2:00-4:30 PM, and will feature coffee, tea, cookies and rugalla. If you’re not familiar with rugalla, a delicious pastry filled with raisins, walnuts, cinnamon, chocolate, marzipan, poppy seed, or fruit preserves, you’re in for a treat!

Pink Vase

Pink Vase on Table

I would also encourage my blog readers to visit my web site, Pets By hArt, to see more examples of my work. My love for animals, and the families they are part of, is what inspires me to continue to create. Thank you, and I hope to see you at the show!

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The Inspiration To Create

The Inspiration To Create

Posted by on Aug 6, 2013 in Animal Reflections, Family Portraits, Portrait Inspiration | 0 comments

How do artists visualize their ideas? Where does the inspiration come from? Why am I creating this particular portrait?

I’m often asked how I create my portraits of people, animals or both. Part of the process is that I truly love what I do, and when I see a subject, either in person or in a photograph, I “feel” his or her story.

Andrew With Granny Smith

Andrew With Granny Smith

This feeling comes from years of observation, of deep affection and understanding of my own pets, family, and friends, and from watching the loving interaction of others. The inspiration comes naturally, you might say.



It is such a pleasure when I immerse myself in his or her story. I know that I want to create a vision of the subject that will not only satisfy my artistic needs, but also provide a unique gift and memory. When I’m calmly at one with the materials, and my thoughts, a painting virtually paints itself and I’m just along for the ride. Of course, my purpose is also to oversee, and ensure, accuracy and harmony.

Creating a portrait is a deeply personal experience. A portrait doesn’t have to be formal, as long as it captures the person. As an artist, I know my portraits will be part of a family’s history. I want them to feel the joy that I felt when I captured the spirit of their family member – animal or human.

Please visit my web site, Pets by hArt, to see how a portrait of your loving pet will enhance your home and memory.

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Want To Go For A Walk Down Memory Lane?

Posted by on Jul 24, 2013 in Animal Reflections, Pet Portraits, Portrait Inspiration | 0 comments

Remember when your dog was a puppy, how excited and playful and energetic he was? Remember how great you felt when she was finally housebroken? Or when he learned a new trick, stopped chewing your favorite sandals…and finally stopped crying and started sleeping through the night? Which memory is the most meaningful?

It’s exciting to see your puppy grow and learn and adapt to your lifestyle. All of a sudden, you’re communicating perfectly with her – and vice versa.

Stan and Left (as a puppy!)

Stan and Lefty (as a puppy!)

But unlike our children, puppies mature all too quickly…and all of a sudden, they are senior citizens, with a whole new set of problems, like arthritis, heart trouble, vision problems, you name it. And sooner or later, we are forced to admit that a much beloved “puppy” is old…and maybe, maybe his or her days are numbered.

This is the time when a portrait, made from one of your favorite photos of your pet, can recall and illuminate times past. Do you have a favorite photo or two in a frame or album – or on your cell phone? It would be my pleasure to see your photo…and make a beautiful custom oil painting of your dog (or cat). You will have it forever, to see every day and relive a moment in your pet’s life that will always make you smile.

I would be glad to do a photo shoot, but there’s no need for your dog to “sit” through that. When you send me a few of your favorite images, I can still create a one-of-a-kind painting that will capture your pet’s unique personality – and become a treasured gift for a family member…or for yourself.

Please visit my page, Pets by hArt, to see how a portrait of your loving pet will enhance your home and memory.

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Horses Deserve a Second Chance Rescue

Posted by on May 17, 2013 in Animal Reflections, Animal Rescue, Pet Portraits | 0 comments

I’ve had a lifelong love of horses, and Second Chance Ranch in East Granby, Connecticut, gave me the chance to fulfill that love, as well as support these beautiful animals with a Second Chance Rescue.


About 14 years ago, my husband Stan said, “We’re at the age where we should make our dreams come true. What’s your dream?”


I told him that when I was in 6th grade, my best friend, Judy, and I planned to have a retirement farm which we would call, “Green Meadows for Old Horses.” With Stan’s encouragement, I searched the web for an existing place, and found Second Chance Ranch. We met with founders Karen and Paul Bacon, and toured the barns where stalls were donated for the care of horses that would otherwise have been killed.


Patrick O'Horse from Second Chance Rescue

Patrick O’Horse from Second Chance Rescue – Horses Deserve a Second Chance


Stan and I began to sponsor the rescue of many equines, including a mare we named Granny Smith, who was 400 pounds underweight. We also sponsored a donkey, Raggedy Ann, and a special draft horse which we eventually adopted, named Andre the Giant. The volunteers there (and *everyone* is a volunteer, they do not take a penny of salary), all work full time jobs, but spend hours every day caring for the animals.
This is a painting I did of myself with one of my favorite rescues, Patrick O’Horse. We named him that because he arrived at the barn on St. Patrick’s Day. Many of my portrait commissions have been rescued dogs; so beloved by their human companions, it makes me think of that bumper sticker, “Who rescued who?”.


Numerous horses have special needs and deep trust issues, due to the fact that most were neglected and/or abused before they arrived. Second Chance Ranch utilizes every penny of every donated dollar to care for these horses, providing physical and emotional rehab and a happy life.They have truly given meaning to their name – Second Chance.
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