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There’s a lot of interest in what goes into preparing for a gallery show. As I get closer to my show’s opening, I’m happy to share the experience with other fellow artists. I’m continuing to develop the content and presentation of the artwork for my upcoming show, The Casual Portrait.

Whether you have an agent or are representing yourself, it is helpful to know that show requirements can vary from gallery to gallery. The average show consists of 8 to 10 of your very best works. I  usually paint between 12 and 15 works, that cover several different subjects. For this show, my subjects are People, Animals, and Etc.

Since still life paintings of flowers or fruit don’t generally fit into the category of “portrait”, I opted to use the broad term “Etc.” in my promotional materials for this gallery show – a bit of trivia for those who asked

I’ve learned not to overwhelm the collectors and visitors to a show with too many selections. Artistic overload, if you will, can cause analysis paralysis; if overwhelmed by too many styles and categories, a purchase decision may become a challenge.

Anita Bajaio, Framer

Anita Bajaio, Framer

DO make it easy for your collectors by having your works  professionally framed and ready to hang. This is extremely important, and it’s why you should have someone on your team like Anita Bajaio. Anita is a very talented framer, and great at finding just the right frame for each painting. It just amazes me how well she does this.

She also gives me a lot of leftover mat remnants in all colors, which I give to my art therapy clients. They do wonderful, creative things with them. Nothing is wasted in the artistic process.

Friday Afternoon in Paris

Friday Afternoon in Paris

Finally, have tags with your name, size, medium, and price clearly marked and displayed with your work. The point is always to make it easy for your collectors and visitors to get information about your artwork.

My next blog post will cover what is involved in promoting a gallery show. This is my current, and ongoing, phase and is something I’ll be working on right until my opening night.

Please visit my site, Pets by hArt, to see more of my artwork as I build the collection for my show. As always, I thank you for your support and encouraging words!