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I’ve had a lifelong love of horses, and Second Chance Ranch in East Granby, Connecticut, gave me the chance to fulfill that love, as well as support these beautiful animals with a Second Chance Rescue.


About 14 years ago, my husband Stan said, “We’re at the age where we should make our dreams come true. What’s your dream?”


I told him that when I was in 6th grade, my best friend, Judy, and I planned to have a retirement farm which we would call, “Green Meadows for Old Horses.” With Stan’s encouragement, I searched the web for an existing place, and found¬†Second Chance Ranch. We met with founders Karen and Paul Bacon, and toured the barns where stalls were donated for the care of horses that would otherwise have been killed.


Patrick O'Horse from Second Chance Rescue

Patrick O’Horse from Second Chance Rescue – Horses Deserve a Second Chance


Stan and I began to sponsor the rescue of many equines, including a mare we named Granny Smith, who was 400 pounds underweight. We also sponsored a donkey, Raggedy Ann, and a special draft horse which we eventually adopted, named Andre the Giant. The volunteers there (and *everyone* is a volunteer, they do not take a penny of salary), all work full time jobs, but spend hours every day caring for the animals.
This is a painting I did of myself with one of my favorite rescues, Patrick O’Horse. We named him that because he arrived at the barn on St. Patrick’s Day. Many of my portrait commissions have been rescued dogs; so beloved by their human companions, it makes me think of that bumper sticker, “Who rescued who?”.


Numerous horses have special needs and deep trust issues, due to the fact that most were neglected and/or abused before they arrived. Second Chance Ranch utilizes every penny of every donated dollar to care for these horses, providing physical and emotional rehab and a happy life.They have truly given meaning to their name –¬†Second Chance.
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