Hi Jane,

We received the portraits this afternoon and just love them! You really captured them! We’re thrilled that you had time to paint our beloved little guys, and can’t wait to find frames and hang them. I hope to meet you someday.


Annie Desmond

painting of white dog
 After seeing portrait of Ted, said, “You nailed him.” – Kata Welch, head librarian at Cavendish Fletcher Memorial Library

Thank you Jane, it’s so beautiful!”  Mamie Duncan-Gibbs

Hi Jane,

I’m most admiring of your creativity and really look forward to seeing more of your work!

Have just sent the photo to our kids. We were on our boat this afternoon when I had my first chance to show the portrait to John, who got this huge grin on his face and said, “That’s my doggie!” Yes, we were all nuts about this sweet-natured pup.

I was so happy with your first take, but am ECSTATIC with the final portrait. It’s very hard now, seeing how beautifully it captures Moka’s spirit, to imagine that you never saw her and did this from entirely random photos.

I can’t wait to hear Kiki’s and her brother’s and sister’s reaction. Thank you so much again for being such a good friend and for generously sharing the fruits of your talent and artistry!!!

Much love,”


Hi Jane, I hope all is well with you. This may not be our best shot, but I just wanted to send you a pic at last. We still love Bromley’s portrait and always will!”

XO, Susan

Pictures of Rolex
“Thank you so much. No words can express what you have done for my wife Karen. She was totally surprised. You fill hearts with your wonderful God gifted talent.”

Paul Bacon


“Jane, My name is Andrew French and my mom is Barbara Dickey. You painted a portrait of my dog Gus. Thank you so much for managing to capture his “essence”. It’s just  perfect, although it did bring a tear to my eye. I love it and now he rests in my office. Have a wonderful holiday and all my best wishes in 2013.”


“Jane, Sadly, we found out today that Annie has aggressive bone cancer and the bone in her front right leg is practically gone. There was no indication of this until this morning. The vet let us take her home and said we should see how she does over the weekend but it’s obvious that we will have to put her down tomorrow. Our hearts are broken, and this coming 11 days after the death of my father is really hard to take. But we know that we’ve been lucky to have her for the last 9 years and we are grateful for every day. She’ll be leaving a great legacy behind. Jane, we are so thankful that you did her portrait, it will be a comforting source of joy forever.”

Christine Fuller


“Jane, I got a call from Andy at about 11 am, saying that Watson had died last night at about 3 am. He was the most wonderful of dogs and I am so grateful to have your amazing portrait of him so that he stays with me. Again, I thank you for that wonderful gift. It is great to look at him happy, healthy and hugged and know that he was so deeply loved all his life. He was 11 1/2 years old and my first grandchild. Even though he lived far away, I will miss him every day and your beautiful portrait will keep him in my heart and mind forever! Love, Nancy”